Cycling Active – 3 Page Feature – Out Now!

CA_VC_1_FBBack at the start of the summer I was approached by Journalist / DJ and friend  Lu Lu Levay who had heard of my move out to the island and the inception of Velo Club Ibiza, Lu Lu was keen for me to show her another side to Ibiza and being the fitness guru and writer that she we were sure that it would make a great story, Cycling Active magazine also agreed and commisioned a piece on cycling on the white Isle. So in September this year Lulu flew out and spent some time riding with Velo Club Ibiza and the following 3 page article is the result. We love it and and hope you enjoy the…read!

Boring technical note: If the article does not appear in the viewer below straight away then please refresh the page a coupe of times to see if it appears or then click on the “here” link in the viewer or the “download” link below the viewer and it will magically appear!

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