Velo Club Ibiza was launched in the summer of 2013 it provides Road and Mountain bike hire together with cycle tours that allow clients to explore and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful islands by bike.

From the casual cycle tourist to the performance driven rouleur VC Ibiza provides a friendly, personal service to ensure all levels of cycling passion and experience can be taken care of when on the La Isla Blanca.  

Founded by former record label owner, advertising exec and current Team Sky consultant Simon Rose, Velo Club Ibiza is something he had wanted to create since he first rode the island over 10 years ago.

“I’ve been coming to the island for years, initially for the music scene however I soon realised through integrating with the local cycling community the terrain is like nothing else I’ve ridden and due to the climate here you can ride it all year round.

There are stunning parts of the island that are only accessible or even visible by bike so the discovery element is really exciting also”

Simon’s passion for riding the island over the years has allowed him to build up great knowledge of the Ibiza parcours and now through VC Ibiza he is able to provide guided rides that traverse the entire island and spotlight a different face of Ibiza, which too often gets ignored.

The island is one of stunning natural beauty from the total calm of the countryside, to the rugged and often challenging rolling coastlines. Riding in Ibiza provides exercise, relaxation and well being in equal measure.

“It’s very hard to pick a favourite ride as there is so much variation in the islands terrain. The old coast hugging roads show the stunning beauty of the ancient coastline against the clear Mediterranean sea, while the pine covered mountain bike trails take you high up where no cars can go and provide stunning vistas across the island.

Through the seasons the Island is continually changing, day by day and week by week and as the island reveals more of its cycling secrets to me I love the fact I can share my discovery and enthusiasm of the Island with VC Ibiza clients – whether they are hiring a bike for the first time, or seasoned riders”


With Mallorca being the current go-to island for the burgeoning numbers of European cyclists who want to focus on just performance, VC Ibiza was founded with a slightly different mission statement.

There is no doubt, due to the islands terrain and size that it can easily cater for the performance element of bike riding but due to the make up and history of the island it also offers a more social brand of riding that is in tune with the nature and spirit of Ibiza.

“VC Ibiza is very social and inclusive of all types of cyclists. I love the idea of harking back to what cycling clubs were traditionally, playing the role of social clubs that brought all types of people together for the simple pleasure of riding their bikes, If some want to go harder & faster than others then that fine… but I don’t like exclusivity it does not fit with the history of cycling clubs or the history of the island and I want to be true to both”

For bike hire, guided tour pricing and booking and accommodation enquiries please email  or call 0034 639 372 089