Velo Club Ibiza can plan and lead rides to suit all capabilities of rider from the casual cycle tourist to the experienced racer.


From our research we have found that for the majority of people coming to the island on holiday, have limited knowledge of local roads and trails and they can find this frustrating as it effects their ability to make the most of their valuable riding time.


This is where we believe local knowledge is very important and of great value to the individual or group. Whether you want to take in some amazing scenery at a leisurely pace or push yourself on a training ride with a Guided Tour we can create the perfect scenario for you or your group tailored to your requirements. We come to you, anywhere on the Island and with all the equipment required.


A Guided Tour will also allow a more social element to the ride and you can enjoy great conversation safe in the knowledge you will never miss out on all the amazing parcours the white isle has to offer whether you are a group of friends, family or an individual.


Road Riding

Due to the the islands size and its near perfect silky tarmac roads a guided road tour in Ibiza will allow you to see and experience a great deal of the island in a relatively short space of time,

Through our extensive knowledge of the Islands road network we are able to navigate you through the hundreds of beautiful quiet roads taking in, when requested the most challenging climbs, the fastest descents, the most picturesque villages and the best views whilst also allowing you experience some of the islands best rest stops.

Cross Country Mountain Bike Tours

Taking a cross country mountain bike ride with us in Ibiza is a fantastic experience that will leave you invigorated and energised. This is the type of ride where you get to see the real Ibiza up close and personal, you can feel the island move beneath you, you smell the trees and you ride amongst its wildlife you can even swim in its sea if you need to cool off. 

Mountain biking is still the biggest discipline of bike riding on the island and the local riders continue to create and bed in all types of trails and routes that span the islands interior countryside and beautiful coastlines. Down every camino, trail, single track or downhill you will continually discover parts of Ibiza that to the majority of visitors to the Island will constantly remain hidden.

Camino  / Gravel Rides

Ibiza has some fantastic roads but it also has another dimension that can add to your road riding experience and this comes in the form of the white dusty caminos and gravel tracks that are ride-able by road or gravel bikes, these often ancient pathways reside off the maps and the best are only known by locals.

Gravel riding is the next big thing according to the media and cycling industry and if you’ve not tried it yet and want to do something new, fast and fun that is completely authentic to Ibiza then this type of ride will be perfect for you.  

To talk about your private tour requirements email: or call 0034 639 372 089